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A Light Insight - A Light Insight with Ali Sweeney on News for the Soul Dec. 9, 2020 – Introduction Show!

December 9, 2020
with Ali Sweeney

11am pacific:


A Light Insight with Ali Sweeney heard at 11am Pacific on the 2nd Wednesday of the Month

Introduction Show!

  I began my career as an environmental engineer.  But I transitioned quickly to nonprofit leadership on issues near to my heart in environment and education.  After 15 years in corporate and nonprofit careers, I chose to exit the workforce when I became a mother.  While I continued to work as a passionate volunteer, partner, and mother – I also decided to go to psychic school to develop my intuition and spiritual freedom.  These classes and professional certification with the Inner Connection Institute, created an opportunity for me to foster my psychic abilities and weave a life of contentment.  I currently provide clairvoyant readings and energy healings through this business – A Light Insight, teach meditation at The Lotus Meditation Studio, encourage spiritual freedom as a licensed minister with the Church of Infinite Spirit, and find joy and love being a dedicated partner and mother.  My days are filled with all aspects of personal growth – whether it is someone trying meditation for the first time, others seeking clarity about the choices and energy in their life, corporate clients seeking balance in their workplace, or my daughter trying to tie her shoe.   Through all of these aspects of my life, I work to share my unique light so that those around me may shine brighter as well.

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