Advanced Hand Readings (3) with Advanced Hand Readings (3)

Advanced Hand Readings (3) - “Advanced Hand Readings” CO HOST Gllian Roberts – 1st Show May 2-2018

May 2, 2018
with Gillian Roberts


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 “Advanced Hand Readings” CO HOST Gllian Roberts – LIVE on NFTS weekly on Wednesdays at 11AM PST / 2PM EST – Gillian Roberts is a spiritual consultant and bestselling author who sees something special in you. Early in her practice, she discovered she could see what she called a  god-spark  or  unique genius  in each one of her clients. Illuminating this uniqueness became her passion – and her first step in helping people build a bridge from where they were to where they wanted to be. Discovering hand & fingerprint analysis has fuelled her passion, answering her clear intention to incorporate a unique tool that would help her decipher evidence of divine wisdom AND allow her clients see what she was sees – in a tangible way. Gillian’s delight is helping you activate who you’re truly here to BE & what you’re truly here to DO – with conscious awareness & soul-based strategies. Whether you’re an individual or solo-preneur, a member of a group or an organization, Gillian’s belief is that aligning with your purpose is the first step to making the contribution only you can make ~ toward a better world for all of us.

Hand Reading Instructions:

Watch the brief instructional video – Click on the link:   HOW TO GET THE BEST HAND READING:
  1. Wash and dry your hands to get rid of any residues or dirt.
  1. Find an area full of natural light (this works best) or have a lamp behind you. You want to be standing with the light coming from behind you and going directly on your hands so there are no shadows.
  2. Give your first hand a shake and hold it out in front of you up in the air.  Do not crumple it, stretch out the hand, or bend your fingers. The more natural the position of your hand is, the better for seeing the real positions of your fingers and thumb.
  1. Get your camera ready. Hold it steadily with your other hand. Click! Take the photo making sure that you don’t cut off any fingers or your thumb. I need to see the whole hand!
  1. BOTH HANDS: Repeat with your other hand.
6. Email your pictures to  prior to or during the show and be sure to include your area code in the email so we can find you on the switchboard.  7. Call in to the switchboard for your free reading at 11AM pst  / 2PM EST on Wednesday for your reading:  [646] 595 4274   ..

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