Advanced Hand Readings (1) with Advanced Hand Readings (1)

Advanced Hand Readings (1) - “Advanced Hand Readings” with SHYRALEE MITCHELL – LIVE on NFTS – Debut Show

April 4 2018
with Shyralee Mitchell

“Advanced Hand Readings” CO HOST SHYRALEE MITCHELL – LIVE on NFTS weekly on Wednesdays at 11AM PST / 2PM EST featuring Nisha Helmig AND two new Advanced Scientific Hand Analysis Experts – Shyralee Mitchell and Gillian Roberts – in a new weekly rotation on News for the Soul . Shyralee Mitchell is a hand analyst, healer, mentor, musician & singer/songwriter. She brings together her experience as a teacher for the International Institute of Hand Analysis, her training with Oversouls and her ability as a hypnotist to help bring the world a fuller understanding of Soul Psychology – the eternal perspective of all the souls existing now in quantum dimensionality. Shyralee is so much more than your average inter-dimensional seeker. She is a practical, no-nonsense nurturer, and she spins her magic to make the world a better place for all. Her expressive nature calls forward her wise woman within, attracting common sense teachings, channellings and healing music. Her gifts help her listeners come into the light and move more easily through the shadows – to create the most delicious life possible.

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