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Transference Healing - Alexis Cartwright Dec 17/14

Dec 17/14

hWednesdays at 5pm PST – Transference Healing with Alexis Cartwright… Alexis Cartwright is the anchor, channel and founder of the 7th dimensional healing and ascension modality Transference Healing®.  Born in Australia, Alexis began her spiritual journey at a young age, bringing in, through the guidance of the spiritual hierarchy, a series of etheric and lightbody healing procedures which were expanded to create Transference Healing®.  This is now facilitated on a global level to be of service to humanity at this time of Earth ascension. Apart from her ever popular healing mediation CD’s, Alexis has also written three publications, that are creating a profound enlightenment process to support those ascending, Beyond Doorways “The Mysteries Revealed”, Child of light meditation book and affirmation cards and Animal Magic.     For the latest shows, click the ARCHIVES tab above and for earlier shows visit this link:  

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