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Nicole Marie Interviews - An Art Bell Tribute with Nicole Marie’s Guest DANNION BRINKLEY – April 21, 2018

April 21, 2018
with Dannion Brinkley

Saturday April 21, 2018:






On Friday the 13th in April 2018, Art Bell passed away suddenly at the age of 72. While his cause of death is still unknown, it has been reported that he had a recent history of heart problems.  Art began his epic radio career in the 1970’s. And by the 90s, was in his prime as the riveting dramatic host of Coast to Coast, covering all things spooky and unexplained on the air to a widely syndicated audience.


My well known co-host during my 1st two years on the air – Dannion Brinkley (Saved by the Light) – was a regular guest on Coast to Coast and good friend to Art Bell.  Today on the air, Dannion will join me on News for the Soul for a tribute show to honour the life and work of Art Bell.

I will miss Art too, having been a huge fan and avid listener in the early years, spending many a late night working while tuning in to Ghost to Ghost on Coast to Coast (who could ever sleep after that!) and other Art classics – too many to list here.  And he inspired the paranormal side of my work over the years which evolved to ‘live on location ghost busting events’, many of which produced startling results.


Join Dannion and I today to remember one of the great ones.  ScreenHunter_694 Apr. 20 14.15

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