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Intuition with Anna - Anna on NFTS Sept 22/15

Sept 22/15
with Anna

  Intuitive Life Coach Anna on News for the Soul – 4TH Tuesday of the Month at 5PM PST Starting Sept. 22nd, 2015…. Anna has helped individuals all over the globe find more peace, become self-empowered conscious creators, and learn how to harmonically co-create with others. Having over 14 years along her own self-realization path, she wishes to share her revelations and use her refined intuition to help you realize your own infinite potential as a self-empowered creator of your reality. She specializes in what’s commonly termed ‘shadow work’, which is resolving the pains and traumas from the past, facing fears within the psyche, making the unconscious conscious and integration of all aspects of one’s being. Her style combines intuitive healing, chakra work, intuitively guided custom-designed exercises,  practices, meditations and visualizations suited to your specific goals and intentions. She has a very solid and deep experiential knowing of the most cutting edge spiritual and quantum physics concepts, which enables what some people think of as solid reality to seem more like magic. Anna invites you to step through that door to self-mastery….WITHIN.

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