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Blissful Mantra - Blissful Mantra on NFTS With Nivi 1st Show – August-28-2017

August 28, 2017
with Nivi

Blissful Mantra on NFTS on alternate Mondays at Noon PST beginning Autumn 2017 –Fuelled by a drive to find answers rather than asking more questions,Nivedita’s focus in her wellbeing practice is devoted to practical, easy and immediate solutions to our daily frustrations. Disillusioned with her post-graduate educational experience in both Psychology and Human Resource Management, Nivedita chose to give the traditional path of a 9-5 corporate job a miss and instead devote her time, skills and energy into sharing tools and techniques to improve people’s emotional health. Tools that not only work but are steeped in both ancient wisdom and the latest scientific innovations in the field of wellbeing and health. Nivedita’s approach to spirituality is not an airy-fairy concept with pink clouds and exploding rainbows but a very real, solution-focused functional aspect of life which provides easy and yet effective answers and practical tools. She founded Blissful Mantra as a practice exclusively dedicated to women’s emotional wellbeing. Trained as a Louise Hay Teacher in the mind-body connection philosophy led her to other certifications including  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)  and LTT (The Lifeline Technique).

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