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Compassionate Light Healing - Catharine Han on NFTS July-10-2018 About the Chakras and a Healing Meditation…

July 10, 2018
with Catharine Han

noon pacific:

Today:  About the Chakras and a Healing Meditation...

Energy Healings with Compassion and Light with Catharine Han on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month NOON PACIFIC beginning May 8, 2018 – Catharine is an Intuitive Angelic Energy Healer and an Intuitive Spiritual Coach. She was born with intuition…just knowing that some things would happen without really thinking about it but with all the hardships and trials she has been through throughout her life never really fully developed it. It wasn’t until 2016 when she was looking to get of a deep depression after the loss of 3 babies and going through challenges with her rainbow baby and then the birth of her 26 weeker twins was when she found ways to get out of depression and really change her life and mindset. She studied Law of Attraction, Manifestation, she became a Reiki Master and through meditation connected with the Angels and received many gifts from them so that she can help heal and guide others in their own lives which is her mission in life. Also during this time is when her intuition kicked into high gear.  Catharine is the owner of Compassionate Light Healing Associates and resides in Wisconsin with her husband of 14 years and 3 very energetic boys.

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