Quantum Soul Healing with Quantum Soul Healing

Quantum Soul Healing - Chandelier Alchemy’s Quantum Soul Healing – Jan 18/23

January 18, 2023
with Tracey Stevens

11am pacific:

Chandelier Alchemy’s Quantum Soul Healing at 11am pacific on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month 

  I am gifted in many areas: removing soul possessions, channeling, processing/healing traumas of worlds & galaxies, death of a loved one support (your loved ones not only communicate with me but work through me… for you), genetic line clearings, contract removals, personal coaching, soul mission guidance, crystal divination, totems, clearing dark energy attachments & oracle card readings. I bring in multiple aspects of my Soul which I have Embodied over years of my awakening pathway…. The Main Four I utilize in my Client Session work are: Celestial Shaman, White Wizard, OmniSage & the Divine Mother Arc (God). My Divine Mother Arc Essence heals fractured souls in my Heart Space calling them home to the Mother God for the Healing & Love they need. I speak Healing Light Language, Imbue the Divine in my Watercolor Art, write Light Language Script, bring in healing through Singing & Drumming plus so much more… Here is a free healing link just for you to experience some of my magic: https://youtu.be/UOdvtTTKFgE VIEW PROFILE >

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