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Nicole Marie Interviews - Chris Menne Nov 14/14

Nov 14/14
with Chris Menne

Chris Menne on News for the Soul Friday Nov. 14/14 at NOON PST - "Sex Love & Power" With Chris and Anya - Many modern approaches to sexuality encourage relational skills, tantra, & freedom from expectation, etc., yet accessing the true source of sexual energy and integrating this into authentic spiritual power in life is rare. Un-integrated sexual energy arrests life potential & dulls sexual-love relationships. In our power, sexual-love drives us to be more conscious… to Awaken. Choose this conscious desire. Rock your relationship life, and the world. Chris Menné - Founder, Coach and Facilitator - Chris has a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and is committed to serving the evolution of consciousness through direct teachings and counseling. Empowering individuals to create satisfying conscious intimate relationships which support spiritual awakening is one aspect of this work.  Anya Connolly - Coach and Co-Facilitator - Anya has a Masters Degree in Education and Linguistics, is a NLP Master Practitioner, and a certified Kundalini & Hatha Yoga Instructor. In addition to coaching and co-facilitation with Chris, she is committed to serving the evolution of consciousness through her own transformational coaching.


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