Collaborative Healing with Collaborative Healing

Collaborative Healing - Collaborative Healing with Melanie Schier on News for the Soul

September 14, 2020
with Melanie Schier

11am pacific:

Collaborative Healing with Melanie – on the 2nd Monday of the Month at 11am pacific time

TODAY: Energy medicine, what it has to offer and it’s applications with co-host Meg Ming


Melanie is an Energy Healer that utilizes her intuitive ability to access information stored in your energy field. Understanding energy from this perspective can help you heal and learn to heal yourself. She utilizes energy medicine to help you navigate through grief and loss, help you recognize patterns that keep you feeling stuck and identify imbalances that can lead to depression, repetitive thoughts, anxiety, dis-ease, infertility and overall malaise (just to name a few). The answers lie in the Discomfort. Healing through energy medicine can be be effective for transitions you face at any point in life. She loves working with children and training them to utilize their energy fields. As well as helping parents understand their children from an energetic perspective which can help especially during the tough growing pains. Energy Medicine has changed her life and she would like to share this gift with YOU!

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