Compassionate Souljourn with Compassionate Souljourn

Compassionate Souljourn - Compassionate Souljourn with Dani Garrick on NFTS Sept8-18 … The Empathic Mission Realmer.

Sept 8, 2018
with Dani Garrick

9am pacific:

TODAY:    The Empathic Mission Realmer.  

Compassionate Souljourn with Dani Garrick on News for the Soul:  1ST Friday of the Month at 9am PST / noon EST starting July 6th, 2018:  Dani is a Compassionate Be-ing, butterfly lover, crystal lover, moon and star gazer, whose favorite place to be is either wrapped up in warmth and coziness or recharging at the beach where land and sea meets.  She is passionate about her family, healing energetic wounds, and Self-exploration.  In her own healing journey she has integrated her Reiki practice, Crystal Healing and Akashic Record Wisdom to desensitize her high anxiety and extreme over-sensitivities and to raise her vibration to recover from her most depressive states.  Experience has taught her the immeasurable value and benefit for empaths and intuitives to create and maintain healthy boundaries for optimal wellness. She teaches and passes Attunements for all levels of Usui Shiki Ryoho, the Reiki method of Natural Healing and offers Akashic Record Wisdom through Wound Awareness Readings. “Let us all build a new relationship to our Self and let us maintain Union with Self, Compassion for Self and Love for Self.”

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