Alchemy Healing with Alchemy Healing

Alchemy Healing - Dona Ho Lightsey April 1/15

APRIL 1/15

1ST WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH at  1PM PST – Dona Ho Lightsey is the Creator and Teacher of Violet Alchemy® Dowsing BASED IN USA – a modality of energetic multi-dimensional healing for the evolution of your Soul. Officially trademarked in 2010, she is now teaching this training certification to others. Violet Alchemy® Dowsing transmutes, 3D consciousness (lead) into the higher awareness and experience of 5D consciousness (gold) of unconditional love, respect, peace, unity, oneness, through free will and choice to be in co-creation with SPIRIT. Aligning with this intention and through the dispensations of Divine frequencies (Sacred flames) from the Archangels and enlightened Masters and Mothers of Ascension, forgiveness, transmutation, healing, purification, alignment, illumination, renewal and rebirth is offered.

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