Heal Your Soul with Heal Your Soul

Heal Your Soul - Heal Your Soul with Ingrid Kronholm on NFTS January-2019 A meditation and psychic readings …

January 17, 2018
with Ingrid Kronholm

8am pacific:

TODAY:  Join Ingrid for a meditation and psychic readings on the air...

"In the meditation I will guide you through clearing and healing your emotional body. This is a very important layer of the energy field and affects the experience of our everyday life to a large extent. Learning how to clear and let go of the emotions of others and how to work through your own, will give you an important tool to handle your emotional self. All for your well being! After the meditation there will be time for you to CALL IN to the show  for a PSYCHIC MINI-READING! I attune to your Spirit Guides and Higher Self to assist you in understanding what blocks you from living your full potential. You can also ask any questions.

Heal Your Soul with Ingrid Kronholm on Alternate Tuesdays at 8AM PST starting January 15, 2019 – An NFTS Consciousness Warrior broadcasting from Sweden since January 15th, 2019 – Based in Sweden, Ingrid has been on the path of conscious awakening since the late 90’s and has offered psychic consultations, meditations, workshops, talks and craniosacral treatments to thousands of individuals. She is passionate about assisting others in their journey into the heart, to activate the inner light we all carry within. In the radio show she will hold guided meditations on issues like healing the heart, connecting to one’s Higher Self, cleansing the energy field and raising one’s vibration. In each show there will be time for you to call in for a psychic mini reading. In these Ingrid starts from your questions or current problems and makes herself available as a channel for the communication from your Higher Self. www.healyoursoul.se

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