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Healing Through Tarot - Healing Through Tarot with Christine June 21, 2022 Open Lines with Special Guest, Ellen Marie Francisco

June 21, 2022
with Christine Emond

3pm pacific:


Healing Through Tarot with Christine on the 3rd Tuesday of the month

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Tune into Healing Through Tarot with Christine today at 6 pm EST, where I will be live with my Special Guest, Ellen Marie Francisco. We will be providing a Collective Energetic Update as well as opening the phone lines for Free Mini Psychic Readings.

Ellen is a Clairvoyant, Psychic, Healer, and Author, who has developed her intuitive gifts over the last four decades. She has studied through the Berkley Psychic Institute, Lionheart Institute of Transformational Energy Healing, and Cleargreen. She has also been voted “Best in Ottawa” for her psychic work.



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About Christine

Christine is an Intuitive Tarot Card Reader & Energy Healer who assists those on their Spiritual Journey, who are willing, ready, and able to do the work necessary to bring them into alignment with their soul’s path, mission, and divine purpose. Her divination tools of choice include Tarot/Oracle cards, pendulums, and channeling via automatic writing. She considers herself to be an Intuitive Empath, Starseed, Way-Shower, Truth-Seeker, and an Agent for change with multiple developed Clair senses.  VIEW PROFILE >

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