Healing with Archangels with Healing with Archangels

Healing with Archangels - HEALING WITH THE ARCHANGELS WITH JORGE & CONNIE – on NFTS Dec 9th, 2015

Dec 9/15
with Jorge & Connie

ALTERNATE FRIDAYS 11AM PST / 2 PM EST – HEALING WITH THE ARCHANGELS WITH JORGE & CONNIE – BASED IN USA – AN NFTS CONSCIOUSNESS WARRIOR SINCE JUNE 2015 – Healing with Archangels – Connie and Jorge Zafra, are co-founders of Divinity for Life, LLC. They left the corporate world behind to dedicate their lives to serve and help bring love and healing to humanity. They work closely with Archangel Raphael, Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Methatron, as well as with thousands of angels in all the work they do. They also work with all the Archangels, Jesus Christ and Mother Mary when performing spirit release sessions. They do powerful remote healing and intuitive health sessions, as well as spirit release, karmic energy balancing, and polarity correction to help bring healing and balance to all dimensions of the body and soul. They work with clients all over the world. www.divinityforlife.com

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