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Home Healer - Home Healer with Emma Loveheart::: Keeping your energies high in your home.

September 2, 2020
with Emma Loveheart

9am pacific:


Home Healer with Emma Loveheart,

TODAY:  Keeping your energies high in your home.

Emma Loveheart – Home Healer on the 1st Wednesday of the Month at 9AM PST on NFTS –   – An NFTS Messenger of Light broadcasting from New Zealand since March 2018 – In 2011, Emma discovered a spiritual gift that enabled her to connect with universal energy. For years she pursued her gift as a spiritual healer; holding circles with friends, becoming reiki attuned, healing with crystals, working with the angelic realms and giving readings. Then she went on a course about home healing through dowsing and Into The Light Property Healing was born. Emma now uses her spiritual connection to alter energy in homes here on earth. This line of work is now her business and way of life. Her mantra when she works is ‘results matter’. http://homehealer.co.uk/

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