Honoring Grief with Kimberly Robbie

Honoring Grief - Honoring Grief with Kimberly – September 2, 2022 – Intro Show

September 2, 2022
with Kimberly

Honoring Grief with Kimberly on the 1ST Friday of the Month at 11am pacific starting September 2, 2022

About Kimberly:

Through a courageous, bumpy, and even magical experience of deeply grieving her marriage and the grief she’d held in her body for nearly 40 years, and fully allowing herself to feel it all, she has now transformed her life from one of doubt, fear, anxiety and longing into one of more Joy, love, creativity, purpose, and passion greater than she ever believed was possible! In learning how to love herself fully through devastating loss and grief, she ultimately has learned what true self-love and unbridled joy truly is! One of the powerful tools in her journey through grief has been using what she likes to call the ‘superpower tool’ of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping! – see below for more on EFT! From this journey, Kimberly now emanates a contagious, bright passion to share powerful messages about grief and loss, and this tool of EFT Tapping with the World; she reminds us that recognizing, honouring and choosing to allow our grief with a full, open heart to ourselves can transform our lives by transforming the way we love ourselves (and others)! Come join Kimberly on her show ‘Honoring Grief with Kimberly’ to begin this magnificent transformation for yourself! Kimberly is an accredited Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT ‘Tapping’) Practitioner, Grief and Loss coach, and a certified ‘Happiness for No Reason’ Trainer who shines compassionate, loving, wise and playful energy! She has also recently been a part of a Clowning and Care project in Costa Rica with the one and only Dr. Patch Adams! She has also been passionately creating a Youtube series on grief and loss called ‘A Brief on Grief’, which is what her NFTS show ‘Honouring Grief’ is inspired by! Also on Youtube, you will find co-creation Tapping videos with her and the ‘EFT Wizard’ Brad Yates! Last but not least, she is excitedly creating her first TED talk and Edmonton International Fringe Theatre solo show! Kimberly enjoys guiding people through their own transformations through 1 on 1 in- person and online coaching sessions, through online EFT Tapping groups, and through lectures and workshops for community groups and businesses.

“We are all magnificent children of this Universe! When we truly ground into this and love ourselves as this, especially through emotional loss and grief, I believe anything is possible!”

– Kimberly Robbie

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