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In The Healing Light - In The Healing Light with Roland on News for the Soul May 1st, 2020: Grounding & Empathy

May 1, 2020
with Roland Walters

2pm pacific:

In The Healing Light with Roland on Alternate Fridays at  2pm pacific time starting March 6th, 2020.

Roland is an Orange county native raised on a farm and married his high school sweetheart—his soulmate. He has spent most of his life in agriculture and related businesses. Throughout his life, he has experienced unusual feelings or energies. He often questioned if they were real and usually just ignored them. There were periods when the feelings were much stronger, which would lead to  “talking” about it.  But after many attempts over the years, most people were not open to discussions on such topics in the past. Rolands spirituality grew greatly over the years–this from a man who was a self-proclaimed atheist. With time, reasoning, and a supportive wife, he decided that agnostic would more correctly describe his position. In 2008, when his baby daughter was on life support, his spirituality took the biggest change. “At that moment, I was drawn to put my hands over her chest and I felt the dome of energy, like a bubble over her chest! While the little dome kept me from physically touching her, it did not stop anyone else.  From that point on, the thoughts, feelings and energies I had suppressed were no longer pushed aside. I see the Light…I AM.”

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