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Intuition 101 - Intuition 101 on NFTS Feb-15-2019. TODAY: Are you intuitive?

February 15, 2019
with Sarah Jane

11am pacific:

TODAY:   Are you intuitive?

Intuition 101 on the 3rd Friday of the Month at 11am pacific time starting January 18, 2018 … Sarah Jane is a psychic medium and spiritual teacher who has created this site to share the journey and experiences that have brought me to this place and to connect with others also searching for meaning in their lives. Through personal experience, Sarah Jane learned to listen to and use her intuition, and has been able to create the life she always wanted “living life on her own terms”. As a psychic medium and spiritual mentor, she helps people realize this as well. With a degree in social work and over ten years’ experience as a counselor and therapist, and professional medium, Sarah Jane helps seeker’s find their way, know their truth and connect with their higher self. It wasn’t always this way though. She spent years struggling with anxiety and depression, settling on a career that didn’t light her up and struggling to create abundance in her life. Fear held her back from stepping into her calling as a medium. Only after personal loss did she finally stepped into who she was. She now gives readings and teaches, all by learning to live life letting spirit lead the way.

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