Inspired by Aymen & Gaynor with Inspired by Aymen & Gaynor

Inspired by Aymen & Gaynor - JANUARY 18, 2016: AYMEN FARES ON NFTS

January 18/16
with Aymen Fares

MONDAYS 6PM PST / 9PM EST STARTING JANUARY 18, 2016: AYMEN FARES ON NFTS  – Throughout his life and work as a police officer, Aymen has always been able to tap into his intuition. It speaks, he listens and now he shows others how to tap into and feel their intuition. One of his main passions is creating a sustainable blend of Spirit and successful business. Through his intuitive life coaching service. Aymen is able to quickly discover clients blocks and help to dissolve them, offering a clear path to their true potential. Aymen Fare’s dictum is that Success, peace and happiness comes by understanding the keys to unlocking our inner world.’ He has the key.

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