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Empathic Mastery - Jennifer Moore on NFTS NOV 22/19 – TODAY:    Social Media Coach for Empaths Layla Griffin  …

Nov 22/19
with Jennifer Moore

10am pacific:

TODAY:    Social Media Coach for Empaths Layla Griffin  …

Empathic Mastery on alternate Fridays at 10am pacific time starting February 15, 2019 – Jennifer Moore is a healer, teacher and spiritual mentor for sensitive, intuitive women who need help controlling the empathic overwhelm that keeps them stuck in their life and business. As an empathic woman herself, she has had to learn how to manage her sensitivities in order to navigate the world with confidence and ease. Her need to ‘find calm in the eye of life’s storms’ led her on a healing path which led her to become a practitioner who supports others with the same challenges.  Jennifers credentials include a Master of Arts in Psychology & Religion, being an AAMET EFT Practitioner and Trainer, a long time practitioner of the Silva Method and a Reiki Master as well as various shamanic and empathy trainings.  She helps people break through fear, overcome the past and claim their intuitive gifts.   TODAY:   Navigating the world of social media can be hard for anyone. Being an empath and dealing with the energy that comes back at you from putting yourself out there and curating your IG, FB, etc adds a whole other level of intensity. Social Media Coach for Empaths Layla Griffin & I talk about the challenges of social media for highly sensitive people and strategies to make it safer & easier to manage.  Learn more about Layla and her work at https://theherbalassistant.com/

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