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Empathic Mastery - Jennifer Moore on NFTS: RECOGNIZE: The first step of Empathic Mastery

July 17, 2020
with Jennifer Moore

10am pacific:

TODAY:  RECOGNIZE: The first step of Empathic Mastery

The key to shifting Empathic Overwhelm lies with our ability to RECOGNIZE. This starts by recognizing if something is going on. It happens as we notice that we are feeling out of sorts or off in some way or different that usual. From there we ask the question what’s mine and what isn’t? Identifying an issue allows us to precisely focus our intentions and shift it. In this penultimate episode of the Empathic Mastery Show Jen unpacks the nuances in the first step of Empathic Mastery: RECOGNIZE. Using the Recognize flow chart from her book, she explains the Wheres, Whens, Whats, Whos and Hows that may contribute to what we’re dealing with.

To download a copy of this chart, please visit EmpathicMasteryShow.com where you’ll also receive your copy of the Empathic Sensitivity Guide. ALSO Visit EmpathicMasteryBook.com to get your own copy of Jen’s book.

Empathic Mastery on alternate Fridays at 10am pacific time starting February 15, 2019 – Jennifer Moore is a healer, teacher and spiritual mentor for sensitive, intuitive women who need help controlling the empathic overwhelm that keeps them stuck in their life and business. As an empathic woman herself, she has had to learn how to manage her sensitivities in order to navigate the world with confidence and ease. Her need to ‘find calm in the eye of life’s storms’ led her on a healing path which led her to become a practitioner who supports others with the same challenges.  Jennifers credentials include a Master of Arts in Psychology & Religion, being an AAMET EFT Practitioner and Trainer, a long time practitioner of the Silva Method and a Reiki Master as well as various shamanic and empathy trainings.  She helps people break through fear, overcome the past and claim their intuitive gifts.  

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