Conversations with Plants with Gloria Terry

Conversations with Plants - JULY 15/21 – CONVERSATIONS WITH PLANTS with Gloria – Conversation With Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ) Plant

July 15, 2021
with Gloria Terry

Hygeia Healing with Gloria Terry on Alternate Thursdays at noon pst


    • Topic: Conversation With Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ) Plant

    • Introduction: In our world of fast-growing technology, I wanted to know if we can include plants in this experience. I have seen so many kinds of technological innovations that make it possible for us to understand and cultivate plants. I am yet to see plant-inspired technology and a collaboration with plants in technological innovation. In this conversational session, we will hear from the plants on this.


An exciting exploration into the consciousness of all plants…

Gloria is a certified Quantum Touch® Practitioner and Reiki master, a Quantum healing modalities she has used for self-healing from pains and emotional attachment to people and the environment. She uses it now to assist in the healing process of clients, animals and plants.

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