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Normal Chick Who Channels - “Just a Normal Chick Who Channels” with Maureen Becker – TODAY: Wake Up!

May 31, 2018
with Maureen Becker

11am pst:

TODAY:  Wake Up!

“Just a Normal Chick Who Channels” with Maureen Becker – ALTERNATE THURSDAYS 11AM PST / 2PM EST ON NFTS BASED IN CANADA – AN NFTS CONSCIOUSNESS WARRIOR SINCE JANUARY 14, 2016 – Maureen Becker channels angels and spirit guides who offer you the tools you need to create an empowered life. She uses a unique “integrated” channeling style. The Guides meld with Maureen to the degree where she does not have to channel them ‘full channel’ but instead can channel their energies with her personality in place.  When Maureen first channelled, she was unable to ‘integrate’ like this, but over the eight years, SAM has taught her the ability to convey this channelled guidance in a personable, interesting, tell-it-like-it-is way so that these messages can reach more people and be easy to understand.  

From todays Wake Up Show:

Mantra/meditation focus for everyone to say for themselves daily: “What do I need to do to prepare my own courage, my own integrity and moral compass, my own ability to see Truth so that when the time does come, I act without hesitation?”

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