Light Of Soul with Dianne Glucina

Light Of Soul - Light Of Soul with Dianne – April 24/23 TODAY:  growing your Light with a meditation

April 24/23
with Dianne Glucina

1pm pacific:

    [ 4TH MONDAY ]

Light Of Soul with Dianne on the 4th Monday of the Month at 1pm pacific time

TODAY:  growing your Light with a meditation

Dianne Glucina has studied energy healing for over 30 years. Her journey began with a Diploma in Classical Homeopathy. Her studies continued with Reiki Mastership, Neuroenergetic Kinesiology, Theta(R) Healing and Harmonyum Healing. Dianne is also a Dowser. Dianne has local and global clients that she sends remote healing to. You may experience energy flooding your body as tingles. Memories and thoughts may come to your conscious mind particularly as blocks are released and cleared. Some clients experience colours and visuals. Everyone comments on how much ‘Lighter’ they feel. During a session chakras and organs are checked and balanced. Dianne is passionate about the work of Anthony Williams, The Medical Medium and recommends his work to her clients following a session, particularly to help heal and correct organ function. Dianne also handmakes High Frequency Vibrational Essences. They are made from local fauna from Mangawhai New Zealand.  

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