Past Life Healing with Past Life Healing

Past Life Healing - Live Past Life Readings … and healings… on the air NFTS Nov7-18

Nov 7, 2018
with Nicola Dexter

4pm pacific:

Live Past Life Readings … and healings… on the air (646) 595 4274

Past Life Healing with Nicola Dexter on NFTS- The 1ST Wednesday of the Month at 4PM PST / 7PM EST / MIDNIGHT IN THE UK ….beginning June 2018 I am Nicola Dexter, a qualified and experienced Stress Management Consultant and Hypnotherapist since 1992 My mission is to express my compassion, love and sense of humour to my clients by giving the best therapy I can give, by having high integrity and living the way I recommend to my clients. My aim is to help you – my clients to see life in a more empowering and lighthearted way and for you to love your lives. I can help you resolve issues and treat problems which have been holding you back, work with you to create goals for your future and support you so you can achieve them. How do I do this? By using classic and cutting-edge therapeutic techniques with passion, enthusiasm and confidence. The result? Many happy clients around the world who have the lives they want and deserve.

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