Living a Guided Lifestyle with Fred Haas

Living a Guided Lifestyle - Living a Guided Lifestyle April-25-2019 “Lights, Angels, Masters” …

April 25, 2019
with Fred Haas

10am pacific:

TODAY:  “Lights, Angels, Masters” …

  ALTERNATE THURSDAYS 10AM PST / 1PM EST – Living a Guided Lifestyle with Fred Haas on NFTS in 2016 – – An NFTS Consciousness Warrior broadcasting from the USA since January 7, 2016 – Fred Haas’s mission is to rally people who have gone temporarily off course to remember who they are and remind them why they are here. Ultimately they then can affect their own lives and the lives of others and make a difference in the world.Fred trained as a civil engineer and spent over 30 years doing engineering work and adapted his “Engineers – Turning Dreams into Reality” theme into his life coaching work.Fred Haas coaches clients, and teaches coaching at Crossroads Recovery Coaching. He is also the current President of the Board of Directors for Recovery Coaches International.

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