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Living In Bliss - Living in Bliss with Daniel the Healer – NFTS Sept-9-17 TODAY: Blissful Relationships..

Sept 9, 2017
with Daniel The Healer

Living in Bliss with Daniel the Healing – Weekly on News for the Soul – Saturdays at 10AM PST starting July 29, 2017 – BASED IN USA – A GLOBAL LUMINARY ON NFTS SINCE JULY 2017 – DANIEL THE HEALER is an Energy Healing Practitioner, Body Whisperer, Psychic Energy “Chiropractor,” and Spiritual Counselor who heals with Love.For decades Daniel has studied, experienced, and mastered the art of Quantum Healing, and shared it with clients. He has sought education and guidance from the world’s greatest leaders in healing and spirituality. He has distilled this, developed tools of his own, and offers you his amazing gift of “ Healing with Love .”  TODAY:  Blissful Relationships..

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