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A Happier You - Living Now with Karen McPhee on NFTS January-24-2018. FIRST SHOW

January 24, 2018
with Karen McPhee

First Time Show on NFTS:

Living Now with Karen McPhee on the 4TH Wednesday of the Month at 9AM PACIFIC beginning January 24, 2018 – Karen’s spiritual journey has been long and eventful, with many insights, realizations and awakenings. She was blessed by the influence and support of wonderful teachers including Joel Goldsmith, Eckhart Tolle and Pamela Wilson. After working intensely with Eckhart for a time, he invited her to teach with his blessing. “Karen holds the consciousness frequency of Presence with grace and gentleness, thus facilitating the emergence and growth of Presence within each participant. My love and blessings go to her and all the wonderful people attending her sessions.” ~Eckhart Tolle… After many years and much investigation, Karen came home to the truth that freedom can only be found within. She now offers group and private sessions to assist others in returning to the natural state of wholeness and embodying the essence of the eternal self.


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