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Life Transitions - Nancy-Mae-June-14.- introducing new interim host Katlin Robinson

June 14, 2017
with Nancy Mae / Katlin Robinson

Katlin is a certified RYT500 Yoga Teacher and has been practicing yoga and mindfulness techniques for more than 15 years and wellness writer. She is currently completing training (expected Fall2017) as a certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) specializing in Yoga for Mental Health.

He mission is to  inspires and empowers women to shine their brightest light. She loves exploring new and heart-centered approaches to self-exploration and combines these with the traditional practices of yoga, breath (pranayama), body movement (asana), mudras, mantra and meditations to release emotions, trauma, grief and tension leading to greater health and emotional wellbeing. Her belief is that emotional wellbeing and inner peace can be uncovered when we still the mind and draw our attention inward.


“I started this life travelling on the path my parents’ and child’s wisdom set before me. As I grew into a woman, my childish wisdom disappeared. My adult wisdom became naïve, and I lost myself. Then, one day, on this path of naïve wisdom I ran head-on into a hurricane, and my life’s direction changed. Today I am steadfast on a journey leading towards wisdom, an open heart, balance and peace in my body, mind and spirit. I carry the roadmap to this journey in my heart, and I offer it openly and hope that is serves as a guide that will help others on their own journey of self-discovery.”

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