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A Happier You - Nancy-Mae-June-14.- Introducing new interim host Katlin Robinson

June 14, 2017
with Nancy Mae

Life Transitions with Nancy Mae – Alternate Wednesdays at 11am PST / 2PM EST beginning Nov. 18, 2015BASED IN USA – AN NFTS CONSCIOUSNESS WARRIOR SINCE JUNE 2016 – Nancy Mae, MA, MS, MIM is a Life Transitions Coach, Energy Practitioner and creator of the Energetic Fertility Method™ (EFM).  She incorporates practical coaching tips, energy healings, and intuitive guidance in her sessions.  Her specialties include intuitive fertility support, EFM, conscious parenting, and programs for healers. Nancy’s training in Clinical and Research Psychology, User Experience Research, Energy Medicine, yoga and meditation informs her work with clients.  She has a caring and integrative approach that explores four levels of being – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – helping clients obtain optimum health and well being on an energetic basis. TODAYS HOST: Life Transitions with host Katlin Robinson is an empowering hour that explores intuition, energetic healing, and other complementary approaches to wellness. Join Yoga Therapist Katlin Robinson, as she shares her experience and insight in strengthening your own intuition and staying in alignment with your highest good – no matter what transitions you may be facing. Katlin’s guests include luminaries, energy workers, authors and healers – all with great advice intended to support your overall wellbeing so you can shine your brightest light.
Todays Guest: Christina Smith Todays Special:
I have three very special opportunities to empower you to shine your brightest light.  
  1. Free Guide to Manifesting Abundance http://bit.ly/2qtwBTh
What does your soul need to feel fulfilled – to feel ABUNDANT? This guide includes an extensive list of carefully researches tools that you can use to create a home practice to manifest abundance and fulfill your deepest desires.  
  1. Free 7-Days of Mindfulness to de-stress and reduce anxiety e-course http://bit.ly/2qvr0Me
Explore the roots of inner-peace, mindfulness. Just like the roots of a tree or a flower roots, mindfulness is where everything begins – this is your foundation. This course is meant to help you build strong roots so you can manage stress and anxiety more easily, and discover the seeds of inner peace. Having strong mindfulness roots doesn’t mean life won’t be hard sometimes. It simply means you can more easily navigate life’s ebbs and flows.   Visit my website at www.katlinrobinson.com and www.katlinrobinson.com/radio for show summary and archives   For a daily dose of inspiration follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest @katlinyoga To find out more about the work I do with private clients or for general information email me at info@katlinrobinson.com

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