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Nicole Marie Interviews - Nicole Interviews Sasquatch Researcher Thomas Steenburg 2004

with Nicole interviews Thomas Steenburg

  Reknowned Sasquatch Researcher and author - BC Based Thomas Steenburg - has been on a quest to verify the existence of 'Sasquatch' one way or the other since 1978. Based in Mission BC Canada, Thomas tracked 100s of alleged Sasquatch sightings throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Washington State for over 30 years. UPDATE: NFTS Producer Nicole Marie Whitney did a Ride Along on Thomas' recent trek near Harrison Hotsprings on April 23rd, 2016. While we may not have found Sasquatch in a few hours of looking, we were hot on the trail of a cougar, a bear and a suspicious black blotch on one of our pictures shot that day. Footage and pictures posting soon at Seen a Sasquatch? Let Thomas know -  

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