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Nicole Marie Interviews - Nicole Marie interviews ….Former CIA Remote Viewer David Morehouse  as part of our ongoing “conscious corona coverage”

March 27, 2020
with David Morehouse

Nicole Marie interviews ....

Former CIA Remote Viewer David Morehouse  as part of our ongoing "conscious corona coverage"...

david morehouseNicole Marie interviews Former CIA David Morehouse for our Conscious Corona Coverage:  Is it real?  We address questions, consiracies and how this global event ties into our conversations about the FOURTH TURNING and the importance for humanity to raise its collective vibration NOW to minimize the damage and duration of the destructive phase. David Morehouse has been one of our most prolific speakers and teachers on News for the Soul for well over a decade.  Nicole Marie participated live at all of his trainings, often more than once, went on a universal studios show investigating the reality of Remote Viewing, traveled to the 1st Alliance of the New Humanity (Deepak Chopra) where David was speaking, traveled with David’s remote viewing team to the wilds of Peru where they  filmed UFOs for hours, and much more.  With a long history of exploration and discussion on the consciousness evolution of the human condition, today Nicole asks David to sum things up so far in context with the world we live in today.  

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