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Numerology with Toni - Numerology & Beyond with Toni Cay Snyder – NFTS – Dec 22/15

Dec 22/15
with Toni Cay Snyder

Alternate Tuesdays 1pm PST / 4pm EST – Numerology & Beyond with Toni Cay Snyder BASED IN USA – AN NFTS CONSCIOUSNESS WARRIOR SINCE JUNE 2015 – Beginning June 9th, 2015: Toni Cay Snyder is a numerologist and graduate of long time NFTS Numerology Expert Joseph Ghabi’s trainings.  While she continues Joseph’s tradition on NFTS, she brings her own combination of skills to the mix including life coaching, reiki, hospice work and a phd in holistic nutrition.  Toni’s mission is to inspire clients to break the bonds holding them back from fulfilling their potential and live happier, healthier, more positive lives.

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