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Pathway teaching - Pathway teaching with Paul O’Halloran Feb-4-2019 TODAY: All about shamanism

February 4, 2019
with Paul O'Halloran

11am pacific:

TODAY:   First ‘official’ show … (Find Paul’s intro interview on his archives tab here:

Today: Paul will speak about shamanism and how it has helped him, and share stories about his experiences and exercises for listeners to experience and work with …

Pathway teaching with Paul O’Halloran (Grey Elk) on the 1st Monday of the month at 11am Pacific time beginning January 7, 2018 – Based in Ireland, Pathway teaching is the creation of Paul O’Halloran and his wife Melanie O’Halloran-Gomes. Paul O’Halloran trained in shamanism with various teachers over the years including Zanemvula (Peter Von Maltitz) in South Africa who bestowed the name Igqirha on him. Igqirha means shamanic “healer” in Xhosa and this name comes originally from the San people. It is a person full of life energy. Following the Sacred Sundance ceremony with the Cree First Nation people in 2017 Paul was blessed with the name “Grey Elk” at the Sacred Tree of Life. Paul has also been called “shaman” for simplicity but strictly speaking the word “shaman” comes from Siberia and is not the shamanic lineage of Paul even though it is used in everyday speech.

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