Self Healing with Self Healing

Self Healing - “Self Healing” with Ashley Lee on NFTS April 24-17 – Part 1 of a 4 Part Series

April 25, 2017
with Ashley Lee

“Self Healing” with Ashley Lee on Alternate Mondays 11am PST starting March 20, 2017 – Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN is a Medical Intuitive with 27 years of Pediatric and Newborn Critical Care who exhibits expertise in deep understanding of advanced human physiology. She has a unique approach in guiding you and your family to view pathogens, toxins and sensitivities in a whole new way. Ashley synthesizes Advanced Allergy Therapeutics with Energy Healing to alleviate Seasonal & Year round indoor and outdoor allergies. Her technique is gentle, non-invasive and effective.

Title:   Healing your Body:   Instructing your Cells how to Heal Part 1 of a 4 Part Series Description:   Learn ways in which the physical body stores and communicates discordant and incoherent frequencies that creates cellular degradation and leads to imbalanced disease states.   Part 1:  Discover direct connection to your cells and what they need! Connecting to and guiding you to what the Cells in your Physical Body are asking for in order to experience balance and optimal physical function -  free of illness, disease and conditions.   Part 2:  Accessing your unconscious thoughts, feelings and limiting beliefs that do create cellular imbalances.  Learn how to turn these imbalances around - in to health, vitality and vibrant ways of living!   Part 3:   Create cellular health on a daily basis through many self care processes. Develop patterns of health and happiness!   Part 4:   Integrate ways in which you are creating cellular balance for the rest of your physical life. Creation of balanced wholeness within your physical experience with ease and flow!  

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