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Spiritual Design - Spiritual Design : TODAY: The Special Gift of Being Psychic.

July 17, 2020
with Katherine Barnidge

11am pacific time:


Spiritual Design on the 3rd Friday of the Month at 11am pacific time / 1PM Central

TODAY:  The Special Gift of Being Psychic.

Psychic–>Prophecy, Revealing Miracles for Our Lives

Katherine specializes in mentoring women who are having spiritual awakening at any level…from beginning to well-advanced. She works with women who have empathic qualities, intuitive/ visionary abilities, overstimulation, fragile nervous system and who have strange experiences in life such as hearing voices or seeing things. Because her own spiritual sensitivity was always way too much for her to handle she knows first hand what it’s like to feel isolated and marginalized. Now, she can look back and see that her struggles were her initiation towards her own service in the world. She’s trained for over 15 years in Vedic Sciences, Cranio-Sacral Bodywork, Natural Therapeutics and Psychic + Trance Medium Seminary Studies.  She’s worked over 10,000 hours developing her services with over 500 clients locally and worldwide. Katherine is an author for Holistic Fashionista magazine + book series, a featured psychic medium in Austin, TX’s Art & Soul Psychic Panel, and now a proud radio show host on News for the Soul Radio. She loves to swim in light-filled water, to rest, dance, sing, learn voraciously, spend tons of time alone, beautify, write, organize, receive visions, tend to land, watch the skies and push the very edges of reality wider and more purely open. Katherine offers online training courses, spiritual mentor sessions, a 3-month 1-1 spiritual sensitivity mentorship and international healing retreats.

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