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Akashic Tuesdays - The Akashic Hour with Julia on NFTS July 31, 2018 – A demo reading…

July 31, 2018
with Julia

3pm pacific:

TODAY:  A live demonstration – what is an Akashic Reading?

Akashic Tuesdays with Julia on NFTS on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 3pm pacific beginning June 26, 2018 – Julia is an Akashic Records practitioner in the Soul Realignment tradition as well as an energy healer working with Angelic Reiki and other healing methods.  She’s using a powerful set of tools to help her clients deepen their self-knowledge, find a path aligned to their soul-level gifts and purpose, and remove blocks in the way of achieving better health, emotional balance, relationships, career, and finances.  Julia helps her clients understand how they have created the entirety of their experience, the positive and the negative, through their own choices in this and other lifetimes, and that they have the power to change that experience to one of happiness and fulfillment – also through their choices.  On this show, we’ll be discussing some fascinating topics as well as giving mini Akashic readings to listeners who want to discover more about their soul’s nature and journey as well as understand what’s holding them back and how they can create a more fulfilling experience for themselves in this life.

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