The Awakened Healer with Keri Nola

The Awakened Healer - The Awakened Healer with Keri Nola Illuminating Common Healer Shadows

July 7, 2020
with Keri Nola

The Awakened Healer with Keri Nola

1pm pacific:


The Awakened Healer with Keri Nola at 1pm Pacific Time on the First Tuesday of the Month

TODAY:  Illuminating Common Healer Shadows So You Can Be Seen, Heard and Hired

After over a decade of building a prosperous healing practice as a Licensed Intuitive Psychotherapist, specializing in holistic methods for supporting relief from complex trauma and dissociation, Keri Nola retired and expanded her work into the realms of Best Selling Author, Podcaster, and Founder of the Sacred Soul Circle for Healing Entrepreneurs. Today she has a global practice helping healers through her products, programs, events and mentorship as they activate the confidence, clarity and skills needed to build wildly abundant and fulfilling practices serving humanity well.  Among friends and clients you might hear Keri referred to as The Queen of Abundance or the Shadow Mama (she’s been known to help people out of the dark a time or two).  Her favorite super power is merging the soulful with the strategic and she loves meditating just as much as she adores checking inspired actions off of her to-do list and she is passionate about helping you find and activate your super powers as well. You can find out more about Keri and her products and services at

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