Conscious Parenting with Sandra Jones-Keller

Conscious Parenting - The Conscious Parenting Show with Sandra Jones-Keller & Family – Dec 9/22 – I Accused Her of Being Unprepared

December 9, 2022
with Sandra Jones-Keller


The Conscious Parenting Show on the 2nd Friday of the Month at 3pm PST

TODAY:  I Accused Her of Being Unprepared

About Sandra Jones-Keller

Sandra Jones-Keller is a California native, certified Essene Energy Healer and graduate of the University of Southern California with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration. She is a wife, homeschool mom, visionary, conscious entrepreneur, author and intuit, with a vast and varied background. From the halls of Congress to the halls of the sacred temples of Egypt, she has touched the lives of countless people. Sandra developed her intuitive talents as a young adult studying different disciplines and producing and directing a short film on mindfulness and self-realization. She went on to produce segments for the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) in Los Angeles, CA, Georgia Public Broadcasting in Atlanta, GA, as well as other freelance projects. Her trips abroad to sacred sites in Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Egypt culled her intuitive gifts and laid the groundwork for her life’s passion. The culmination of these gifts provided the foundation for the birth of her daughter after a challenging and life-threatening pregnancy, and later became the basis of her first book. Drawing on real-life experiences from the perpetual balance of family, career and quality of life, Sandra is currently the author of four books (Intuitive Communication With Your Baby’s Soul, 21 Lessons To Empower The New Age Kid, How I Beat Fibroid Tumors for a Successful Pregnancy Over 40, and Tips & Trips of Parenting a New Age Kid) and created a self-empowerment program to train teachers, coaches, parents, kids and leaders on cutting-edge life skills and self-awareness techniques. She meets with private clients whenever possible. Sandra lives in Florida with her husband and daughter. She is available to speak, conduct workshops and consult worldwide.


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