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Millionaire Mindset - “The Millionaire Mindset” with Anita Wheeler on NFTS –-feb 16-17

Feb 16/17
with Anita Wheeler

“The Millionaire Mindset” with Anita Wheeler on NFTS – Alternate Thursdays 3pm PST / 6pm EST  – BASED IN USA – AN NFTS CONSCIOUSNESS WARRIOR SINCE JANUARY 2017 –  As a Millionaire Mindset Coach and Breakthrough Coach, Anita Wheeler teaches others how to breakthrough barriers to create and manifest the life they want. Her programs apply the same techniques she has used in her career and spiritual journey. A single mother, she balanced her spiritual journey and early career in commercial real estate to become one of Atlanta, Georgia’s, Top Ten Women Entrepreneurs. As a Transformational and Breakthrough Coach, she helps others create a success mindset in all areas of life. By grounding in truths in applying Universal Laws, Anita expedites the awakening process and assists her audiences in reaching their highest purpose.   TODAY: LOVING YOURSELF TO ABUNDANCE!!!  IF you want to attract your BEST life and truly learn to MANIFEST, don’t miss this program.

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