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The Sound Lady - The Sound Lady Kathleen Nagy on NFTS Nov-16-2018 Discover Divine Alignment with your Soul Sound

Nov 16, 2018
with Kathleen Nagy

1pm pacific:

TODAY:   Discover Divine Alignment with your Soul Sound and a special mediation...

What is your Soul Sound?

We are vibrational expressions of the Infinite Eternal becoming aware of itself within the heat of matter. The source essence of you is contained within your soul sound or soul name. The sound of the words of your soul name contains the essence or source energy of your soul. Your soul’s original expression, its original intention. So your source energy is carried on a sound wave full of the intention of you. The intentions, the hopes and desires contained in the release from THE SOURCE ENERGY-Source Energy- desiring to become aware of itself within the heart of matter, with great love, released the thought of you , the intention of you within a sound, which created your soul and has manifested within your present earth body. There will be a chime sounds meditation to create the space within which Alignment is possible. A space within which you might hear your soul sound/name.
The Sound Lady with Kathleen Nagy on alternate Fridays at 1PM PST starting June 29th, 2018, on News for the Soul: Kathleen Nagy offers Sound Therapy – An Alternative Pain Management and Self Healing modality with Sound Energy. She helps people manage Chronic Pain from Auto Accidents or Sports Injuries, Metabolism, Nausea and Digestion, Constipation, Fluid Retention, Lymph Flow, Incontinence, Gout, Cat Allergies, Stroke and more. Her work creates an experience of how Sound can trigger the body’s self healing abilities without side effects or painful poking and prodding. The Sound Lady is a sound therapy company with products and services targeting classical musicians, performing artists, music teachers and sound lovers everywhere. Kathleen Nagy tones the instrument of your body and teach you how to calm your nerves, amplify your stage presence, stretch and strengthen your chops, nourish your body mind and spirit, so that you can reliably and confidently perform to your maximum capacity. The Sound Lady offers state of the art, sound therapy, fitness nutrition, physical exercise programs, and breathing exercises for anxiety,with a “practice makes perfect” work ethic, to boost your confidence.

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