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The Sound Lady - The Sound Lady TODAY:  A sneak peek experience with the new downloadable Chakra Sound Spa Experience….

Nov 15, 2019
with Kathleen Nagy

1pm pacific:

TODAY:  A sneak peek experience with the new downloadable Chakra Sound Spa Experience….

The Sound Lady with Kathleen Nagy on alternate Fridays at 1PM PST – An NFTS Consciousness Warrior broadcasting from the USA since June 2018 – Kathleen Nagy offers Sound Therapy – An Alternative Pain Management and Self Healing modality with Sound Energy. She helps people manage Chronic Pain from Auto Accidents or Sports Injuries, Metabolism, Nausea and Digestion, Constipation, Fluid Retention, Lymph Flow, Incontinence, Gout, Cat Allergies, Stroke and more. Her work creates an experience of how Sound can trigger the body’s self healing abilities without side effects or painful poking and prodding. The Sound Lady is a sound therapy company with products and services targeting classical musicians, performing artists, music teachers and sound lovers everywhere. Kathleen Nagy tones the instrument of your body and teach you how to calm your nerves, amplify your stage presence, stretch and strengthen your chops, nourish your body mind and spirit, so that you can reliably and confidently perform to your maximum capacity. The Sound Lady offers state of the art, sound therapy, fitness nutrition, physical exercise programs, and breathing exercises for anxiety,with a “practice makes perfect” work ethic, to boost your confidence. Your body’s emotions are tuned to the key of your voice. Your sound spectrum contains the balancing notes of your body’s chakra energy centers and their emotion regulating hormones. You will discover the connection between your chakras and your emotions and how humming or listening to your personal chakra scale will balance your emotions and calm your nerves.

Included in the Chakra Sound Spa Experience download is:

-How to Sing Your Root Chakra Video -Your Personal Chakra Chimes Scale with Guided Meditation mp3 -Your Personal Chakra Chimes Scale without Guided Meditation mp3 -Your Personal Chakra Connections mp3 with Guided Meditation Text -Your Personal Chakra Notes Map for your 7 chakras -Chakra Correlations and Attributes Chart -Chakra Connections Chart All of this would normally add up to over $100. But you pay only the Introductory Price only $37. After spending 20 minutes listening to your personal chakra chimes scale with the Chakra Sound Spa Experience Guided Meditation mp3’s you will feel as relaxed as if you had spent hundreds of dollars on a day at the spa!   Testimonials: Niki “It has become my go-to healing for anxiety. I especially like to listen to it on repeat when flying in an airplane. Similar to EFT tapping for healing trauma, I also use this meditation to move stuck negative energy in my body when it paralyzes me.  I listen to my root chakra meditation until I can move again. I also use this regularly to soothe me to sleep or give me a quick, solid grounding when I need it. For me, it’s one of the most valuable modalities I’ve encountered.”   Lisa “Wow this is so amazing! I always knew that toning would be my thing. Thank you so much. I’m gonna practice. You know what, I just stood up and my back pain has gone! Om my God-It’s still slightly there but not to the degree that it was before toning my 2nd chakra note with you. Thank you so much!”   Gabrielle “I always feel very tingly while humming. All the way down to my feet, it’s cool! And anytime I hear the notes, it’s instantly calming. I worked probably 60 hours this week alone, with the start of school. Stress all over my body! Headaches… the tones help vibrate the pains or stresses out. It’s really cool!”

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