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Life Transitions - Today Katlin’s guest is Leigh Shand NFTS Sept-6-2017

Sept 6, 2017
with Katlin Robinson

 11AM Pacific - Life Transitions with Katlin Robinson on NFTS:

Life Transitions with host Katlin Robinson – Alternate Wednesdays at 11AM PST / 2PM EST on NFTS – Life Transitions is an empowering hour that explores intuition, energetic healing, and other complementary approaches to wellness. Join Yoga Therapist Katlin Robinson, as she shares her experience and insight in strengthening your own intuition and staying in alignment with your highest good – no matter what transitions you may be facing. Katlin’s guests include luminaries, energy workers, authors and healers – all with great advice intended to support your overall wellbeing so you can shine your brightest light. Katlin is a certified RYT500 Yoga Teacher and has been practicing yoga and mindfulness techniques for more than 15 years and wellness writer. Her mission is to inspires and empowers women to shine their brightest light. Her belief is that emotional wellbeing and inner peace can be uncovered when we still the mind and draw our attention inward.

Today Katlin's guest is Leigh Shand,  is a Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist and Lifestyle Consultant

Leigh is a loving mother and wife, and a Yoga, Mindfulness and Ayurvedic practitioner. Leigh lives in Ontario Canada with her family, loves spending time in nature, and has a passion for a mindful, conscious lifestyle. She has been practicing yoga and mindfulness for almost 10 years.

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