Transformational Archetype Astrology with Transformational Archetype Astrology

Transformational Archetype Astrology - Transformational Archetype Astrology with Daniel This Month’s Astrology & This Week’s Eclipses

August 6, 2018
with Daniel Sowelu

5pm pacific:

Today’s show will include segments on

  • Modern Astrology and The Goddess
  • This Month’s Astrology and This Week’s Eclipses
  • An Astro-Alignment Meditation – for opening to opportunities for growth and healing
  “Transformational Archetype Astrology” at 5pm on the 1 st  Monday of the Month PACIFIC time starting August 6, 2018 – with the 1 st  introductory interview show on Friday July 13th at 5pm PACIFIC time – Initially trained as a biological scientist, Daniel spent the early part of his career involved in a variety of educational settings, as a university tutor, high-school teacher and technical education lecturer. After a series of major personal crisis in 1982 he became interested in the ancient art of astrology. After reading his first natal chart in 1983, he went on to create a unique therapeutic system combining astrology, therapy and ritual through the use of experiential astrology. As a primal therapist, counsellor and group leader, Daniel has worked with a wide range of emotional and psychological problems, including sexual abuse, pre-natal and birth trauma, anger, rage and grief issues and crisis management. His work has been deeply informed by 10 years of personal therapy, in Jungian analysis, breathwork, Primal and inner child work, including five years of groupwork with the innovative psychodramatist Lorna Dilollo. His spiritual journey is an integral part of his work, having explored and practised meditation for over 35 years, lived and worked in ashrams overseas and managed a meditation centre in Perth. He has spent time with a number of spiritual masters, including the great Siddha master Baba Muktananda and, his inner development continues through his ongoing relationship with a number of aboriginal elders. This spiritual dimension is subtly weaved into the baseline fabric of his work with people engendering it with a deep level of safety and grace that goes beyond technical ability.

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