Wolf Wellness with Kelly Wolf

Wolf Wellness - Wolf Wellness with Kelly Oct 19/22 Animal healer and communicator Shirley Benson

Oct 19/22
with Kelly Wolf

2pm pacific:

Wolf Wellness on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2PM PACIFIC

TODAY:  Kelly's guest is animal healer and communicator Shirley Benson 

CALL IN:  (646) 595 4274

About Kelly Wolf

Yes, that’s my cat Minou and I and we love biking together. She loves the wind in her face. She is my little healing assistant and when you come for a session, you will meet this beautiful little soul as well. 

I am an intuitive and psychic healer. I work with the etheric fields of the body and the chakras to read energy patterns which identify blockages and stagnation. I also work together with the Ascended Masters and Archangels to cut energetic chords and eliminate generational trauma, as well as, healing trauma from past lives. Working with the body’s energetic system along with my knowledge of Eastern and alternative medicine, I can treat the body, mind and soul.

My passion for alternative healing has been part of my life’s journey. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Physiology & Exercise Science from Arizona State University and a Diploma from the Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine program at Grant McEwan University. I am a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, a psychic healer, certified Level 4 Acutonics sound therapy practitioner, a Reiki Master/Teacher, trained in medical ozone therapy, Healy and Scenar frequency therapy, cupping and guasha. I am also a skydiver and worked as a skydiving instructor and videographer for 28 years. I love animals, the outdoors and my hobbies include skydiving, skiing, hiking and mountain biking. 

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