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March 14, 2018

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AGEs – More Dangerous than Free Radicals


AGEs: the acronym stands for Advanced Glycation Endproducts otherwise known as glycotoxins. AGEs is an umbrella term covering over a 100 different compounds. The are created when you cook and in your body. AGEs are sugar compounds that are linked with either a lipid (fat) or a protein. When these compounds are linked with enzyme direction in the body, then they create a healthy compound. But with too much sugar in the body, they start to link up without enzyme direction creating dangerous compounds.

When we cook sugars at higher temperatures and add in foods with proteins and fats, we also create unhealthy AGEs that we turn around and eat.

Foods high in AGEs include:

  • Baking goods
  • Cheese – higher fat cheeses like American and Parmesan
  • Chocolate candy – versus 100% chocolate
  • Junk food: ice cream, chips, cookies, crackers
  • Margarine/high fats spreads: whipped butter, cream cheese, mayonnaise, BQ sauce
  • Meats: beef frankfurter, beef steak pan fried in olive oil, roasted chicken skin
  • Oils: Planters, olive, sesame (Asian Gourmet)

Sodas provide an immense amount of sugar/synthetic sugar, again, when we have an overload of sugar, the sugars link up to fats and proteins without enzyme direction creating different AGEs.

Historically, they thought we did not absorb dietary AGEs. Today we know we do and they cause dysfunction.

AGEs don’t steal electrons, like free radicals, instead they attach to the cellular membrane causing all kinds of damage: oxidative stress which causes inflammation – known as the silent killer; destroy cells; cellular dysfunction; cellular mutations; and even cancer.

One of the reasons we should include a lot of raw foods in our diet is to eliminate the production of AGEs. But we also need to remember that we don’t have all the required enzymes to break down all raw foods and therefore some foods like tomatoes need to be cooked. In addition, according to both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda medicine, too much raw food in a diet can cause excess cold and phlegm in different types of metabolisms. So once again, we are looking for a good healthy balance – which of course is different for everyone, according to their body type and/or metabolism. For instance, raw foods are hard on a Vata metabolism, but it may do a Pitta metabolism good. In Ayurveda medicine, you not only look at the constitution but the dis-ease or imbalance AND at what stage the imbalance is at.

Back to AGEs. Human studies have shown that the restriction of AGEs in people with kidney disease or diabetes, as well as, healthy people, reduces oxidative stress, inflammation, and delays/prevents many chronic diseases.

Solution? Eat more real food: whole fruit/vegetables/complex carbs; eliminate: processed, deep fried, microwaved, pasteurized foods, simple carbs.

Utilize older cooking techniques: boiling, poaching, steaming, stewing, pickling and fermenting. Include vinegar & lemon juice in your diet/sauces.

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