Do we need to be afraid of Covid in the fall? Dr Holly weighs in on ‘Second Waves’

Last Update: May 6, 2020 at 12:32 pm

Date:  May 6, 2020
Source:  News for the Soul

Do we need to be afraid of Covid in the fall? Dr Holly weighs in on ‘Second Waves’

by Dr Holly, heard Wednesdays at Noon PST on News for the Soul Radio


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Do we need to be afraid of Covid in the fall?


Okay so number one, you have to determine whether you:

1) Believe there is actually a Covid
2) Do you think you have a healthy immune system

There are many indications that there isn’t actually a Covid 19 – that Covid 19 is actually a cover-up for the symptoms that 5G causes.

We actually have some 20 different Covids that naturally leave within our bodies.
There are usually over 100 different flu pathogens running around.

And several scientists claim that if you look at the intensity of 3G, 4G, 5G, they have little disruption on the human body. On the other hand, if you look at patterning and pulsation, they have more and more huge effects on the body. They disrupt all 4 types of calcium pumps – which has a huge effect on the muscles and in particular the heart muscle. They all disrupt sodium, potassium and chloride channels – all of which are major transport mechanisms across the cellular membrane into the cell.

There was a significant correlation between where 5G was activated and where the highest numbers of Covid were identified.  In addition, we know that the testing for Covid 19 was very sloppy. Hospitals pushing physicians to identify Covid as the admitting issue or on the death certificate. We know that many places were given
the agents to test with the PCR. We have also heard that some believe that the actual strand of RNA – used to identify Covid 19 is common to many flu pathogens and in fact about 80% of the population have it in their systems, regardless of whether they have the Covid 19.

In terms of fatalities, although all numbers for diagnosis were significantly low – lower than any flu season, the fatality numbers and characteristics remained the same, i.e., between 92-98% are senior citizens with at least 2 pre-existing conditions, usually cardio, respiratory and diabetes. Not sure what we were supposed to be so afraid of?
So once again, you need to decide for yourself, is there anything to actually worry about.

Many are talking about the $51 Billion that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet put into a vaccination program last year and want this vaccination to be regulated worldwide.


Some are suggesting that the vaccination actually has micro chips that they can use to tract you.


I can’t tell you if any of that is true or not…you have to decide for yourself. But if there actually is a virus,

ie., Covid 19 – then can it change its RNA?

Well I guess then we have to ask the question, if there is such a virus was it man made or is it natural. If it is natural, then it has the probability of changing its RNA – like any other virus. In fact, some can change their DNA/RNA structure within 15 minutes. Some take days, months or years.

If in fact there is a Covid but it is man made then we have no idea if it can change its DNA/RNA.


So what are we left with. Well, I would simply tell you the same thing I have been telling you all along.

Strengthen your immune system and let it do what it was designed to do. Ultimately it doesn’t matter whether you believe in one of the 7 theories of evolution or in some form of creationism, or some combination of both – the body was designed with an intricately effective and efficient immune system.

The challenge is, is it working? In today’s world, with today’s common diet, with the lack of nutrition in our common diet and the huge amount of toxins in the air, the water, the food, the cleaning products and the hygiene products, we are definitely challenging our immune system.

So, we need to eat the foods that support the immune system:

1) The pre and probiotics
2) The foods that support a healthy gut
3) The herbs that have a huge impact on a healthy gut
4) Supplements like transfer factor

We also need to avoid the crap/junk artificial foods:

1) Sugar
2) GMO foods
3) Fast foods
4) Processed foods
5) Microwaved foods
6) Pasteurized foods

We need to eat real foods. Fresh, non-GMO, healthy foods. Fermented and pickled foods.

I am forever encouraging everyone to grow your own garden-fresh foods – in the yard, on your deck, in your windowsill – anywhere you can.

If you have a strong effective immune system – it will protect you. So, from my perspective, not to worry.  Remember, worry and paranoia, deplete the body. Hugely important to work your mind along with working your gut. Think healthy, eat healthy and you will be healthy.