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Master Anti-oxidant

  • Endogenous – made inside of the cell
  • Re-stabilizes itself and all other anti-oxidants
  • Deals with all 6 categories of free radicals
  • Works inside cell; in cell membrane; and outside of cell


  • Major component of Phase II in liver detox
  • Major component of all cellular detoxification


  • Major component of healthy inflammation resolution

Hormone regulation

  • Involved either directly or indirectly with all hormones in the body

Cellular Energy

  • Cellular energy is provided by the ATP; created by the mitochondria – GSH is the only known molecule that protects the mitochondria

Prostaglandin synthesis (vasodiolation/constriction

NO regulation:  hormones, vasodilation, immune system,


–   Protects DNA from going sideways; involved in both or elimination of abnormal DNA

–   also required in protein synthesis

Cellular transport

  • Required for most amino acid transportation in the cells


  • Involved , like other anti-oxidants in preventing teleomere breakdown but also the only known molecule that can provoke teleomere creation

Calcium movement

  • Required for regulation of Ca movement (gating of cardio cell function)


  • 40% required in RBC to both pick up/release both O2 & CO2

Immune System

–           Lymphocytes, ie., T cells, B cells, macrophages, TNF, NK, etc,  all require about 62% to both develop and function

What destroys glutathione?


– Age                     – Pollution                           – Genetic abnormalities                 – Stress                   – Overuse

– Infections         – Injuries                            – Radiation                                            –  Poor diet            – too much sun

– Lack of hydration                                           – Exercising past a sweat               – Poor sleeping habits

– Pesticides and certain food additives   – Drugs (alcohol, tobacco, legal and illegal drugs)


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